because I enchant codecanyon rejects my script

Hi, how are you? I have a question because I covate codecanyon rejected my script and only my says that I speak here in the forum but it does not tell me what is wrong with my script I like to know your opinion of why this is happening to me?

I put my demo:

What you’re trying to upload and sell already exists on CodeCanyon, and has more features and more premium design:

That’s likely why it was hard rejected.

but if there are like 3 more that are equal

link one
link two
link three

Yes, that’s all the more reason to reject your item. There’s too many of them, and yours isn’t at a higher standard than the existing ones. (It’s also worth noting, how do you expect to get sales by uploading something that already exists, and has nothing unique?)

you that have more time here in envato tell me what can I do

if I have to download videos from 4 more sites and playtube?
playtube script

Try for more than that. Add as many sites as you can, so buyers will choose your item over others.

  • Work on design. Make it simplistic, clean, and easy. In general PHP scripts don’t need good design but for this type of item it’s important.

  • Make it SEO friendly. Buyers in this category want this.

  • Look at features that the existing items have and see what you can implement.

  • Try to think of unique features you can add and implement them.

my script you have a video search engine that does not use the api if not a system similar to the one used by google
change this design?

I thought scripts and plugins that downloaded YouTube videos were no longer allowed because it ones against their terms.

I know some may exist but that may not impact the decision to not accept any new ones.