beantown or muffingroup

Some time ago I bought a Be Theme license
by Muffingroup.
As I had another website and I had liked these templates a lot, I went to your site to buy another license. So I went to “” and wrote “BeTheme” as is obvious.
Ohhh surprise I found two sellers of the same templates with very different prices.
One Muffingroup with a value of 59 and another Beantown valued at 14.
Well I thought maybe it’s a promotion and bought the $ 14 one because everything seemed legal.
You are a serious and responsible marketplace so there was no reason to hesitate. But when I wanted to install the theme it did not work.
It is at this point that I said to myself “Cheap is expensive.”
I need clarification if this is a scam

Yes, you are right in themeforest there are 2 items named BeTheme. One is wordpress theme from Muffingroup and another one is a html template from Beantown.

You have purchased html template from Beantown. and html template will not work in wordpress. you can contact Beantown and let them know if they agree to give you refund. and you can purchase wordpress theme BeTheme.


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Well this from the point of view of us, the users and clients of this site, is very confusing and misleading.
The difference between the two is unclear, leading to mistrust.
Then you wash your hands and do not give clear or alternative solutions.
We have to deal with these disreputable and dishonest sellers.
Summing up these kinds of things are to fool unsuspecting users.
I feel very frustrated.

Out of genuine interest (I speak as a buyer, and not an author) - what should be different?

  • the items are in entirely different categories

  • the item titles clearly contain the file formats

  • the descriptions reference the relevant formats throughout and contain links to the other versions

I don’t think it is fair to suggest that envato or authors are in anyway attempting to hide anything or deceive anyone.

Thank you, Charlie, for your reply.
Likewise, the difference between the two is not clear enough.
But since I am one of the people who always try to see the positive side of problems.
I take the opportunity to learn more about WordPress and themes, because I don’t have everything on a platter like in the Muffingroup template.
Another thing to excuse the writing, since I do not speak fluent English.

In addition to what already been said, you can always ask authors pre-sale questions, I am sure that if you asked what is the different between the two, author of any of these two would explain it to you.

Accusing Envato or even authors of some sort of scam because of your own inexperience is extremely unfair. All the information you need to make a choice between the two items is completely public and if you don’t know something, then just ask.