Beach bash flyer

Hope it will be approved, fingers crossed.


Typo issues but good luck!

@ki-themes Just Typo issues?,
ok well if you know the answer so fast than explain this issues?
What makes the perfect typo in your opinion?

The “text” above “club flash” and the top is not appealing really well. It just doesn’t fit the design.

The elements are poorly integrated and the effects are over-saturated

  • The drop shadow on the flamingo, glass and leaves looks fake.
    Objects don’t have drop shadows in the air.
  • The glass doesn’t have transparency
  • The splash is too white and again looks fake
  • Too many fonts are used and not well paired.

Ok i agree, i will change this. Thnx

To make the glass transparent will be a hell of a job, but i will fix this.
Your right about the splash, make it more blue.
I used 3 fonts, 1 for the date, 1 for the title and 1 for the text.
But i think i will change the maintitle font to make it more stand out and change the date font.

3 different type of font is not generally problem but it’d cause issues for you how to manage it together.

The main problem for this psd file is now that he won’t load in my Photoshop and PS crash the whole time so i can’t edit.
But i will create a newer and much better one with your advices.

no, indeed, u have two different techniques … the first one is you take a brush with a decreased opacity and paint out some part of the glass on a mask to make the glass get transparent. Or, the second option is u double click on the layer , the style window will appear and then in the bottom of blending options, u start playing with cursors to take out the color … (additional info, u may have to break the brackets so that u can make a smoother effect … if u do not, the result may look too raw indeed)

Thnx, i can open the file agaIn, what you mention, cut out the inside of the glass and play with the opacity.
I did it and changed the typo, deleted the splashes but again rejected.
Well i did my best but they don’t want this kind of flyers, no problem.

I think that splashes were not necessarily things to get rid of , u had to rework the color, for sure, if so, depending on how it goes, maybe they could have been kept indeed