Be part of the Envato office by sharing photos of you and your team.

Hey everyone, Matt here.

So I have a favour to ask, on behalf of everyone at Envato.

Every day the Envato Staff come to work on the platform that serves our community of millions of people, people that we don’t always get to see! We meet many of you on the forums, and we might email you and speak to you, but we don’t always get to see you.

With your help, i’d like to run a project that works to change all that for our employees working in Melbourne. That project is super simple.

Share a photo with us.

That photo can be of yourself, your team, even your family! We’d love to see all the different people who work on Envato and remind the people in the office every day of the amazing community of people we work with. It’s my hope that it will bring us all just a little bit closer together :slight_smile:

What will we do with these photos?

We’ll put them around our Melbourne office and in our google hangout screens in our meeting rooms:

How should I share the photo?

If you’d like to share a photo with us, you can either upload it to this thread or send it to me in a direct message.


Feel free to upload all kinds of photos, but for the screens in the meeting rooms we require:

  • JPG or JPEG files only
  • Landscape (horizontal) orientation
  • 1920x1080p resolution
  • 16mb maximum size
  • Images should not contain watermarks or proprietary images or data
  • Please make sure you, or your organisation is the owner of the photograph
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself/ your team at the same time? Who are you? What do you do? Where are you from? We’d love to know :slight_smile:

Scott. Humanoid male, born in England and raised in Scotland. Living in Spain for the last four years, but currently travelling the world.

Visual effects and motion graphics artist for the past seven years, business management, customer service, retail and sales before that.

Currently single. I like nights in and nights out, which essentially means I just like ‘nights’, and beach-lit strolls along the moon. Looking to meet a humanoid female for adventures on the high seas. I hate cucumbers.


Good day fellow humans, I’m Martin. I like to work on silly creative projects, and sometimes I upload them on Envato. According to a recent nationwide survey, I’m the only human in Scotland to own 2 Envato t shirts, an Envato pen, and some other objects with “Envato” printed on them. I also have an Audio Jungle guitar pick which is for display purposes only. It’s mounted in a glass case to ensure it remains in mint condition.

Seriously though, Envato are quite generous with giving out merch. Cheers! :beer:


Hello everyone! Olexandr here. :slight_smile:

Music producer, composer, piano player currently located in Ukraine. I write long items descriptions (well, not SO long now!)and probably reviewers never read them anymore lol and I produce music on a daily basis.

I love educating myself, digging in how things work, business, marketing, promotion and vegan food.
I also love Alice Cooper, Motley Crue, Dream Theater, 7/8 and 17/16.

Oh and most important… eat Vegemite with a spoon and I love it. The thing is addictive! Cheers! :smiley: :rocket:


Hey guys, I’m Nikolay. I’m a 27 year old web designer, based in Bulgaria and simply in love with all things design & code.

I’m fortunate to have found this community and Envato itself before graduating four years ago, and with the opportunities it presented I decided to pursue a career in web design.

The first course I took was from Tuts+ by Jeffrey Way (I still remember how useful it was), this taught me the basics of HTML + CSS and from there I started dreaming about becoming an Elite Author on ThemeForest. Four years later this is now achieved and I’m looking to teach myself WordPress development and maybe getting the Power Elite badge one day :slight_smile:

Thank you!


Hi everyone! I’m Kirill :slight_smile:

I’m composer, music producer and guitarist from Ukraine. 29 years old.) My music experience is over than 10 years (freelance music work, recording, playing rock band, mixing, ect) Now I work at AudioJungle as a full time job and produce music every day. :sunglasses:

I love music and I love Envato! :slight_smile: It’s great pleasure to be a part of this community! :blush:


Hi there! :slight_smile:

We’re the Snail Music team, Pablo (on the left), Fernando (on the right) and Compay (on the cage). We’re from Barcelona, Spain but we’re moving to the island of Menorca in 2 weeks to live there and work full time producing music for Audiojungle.

Music is our passion and we share everything that happen to us in this amazing journey in our blog.

We’re very grateful and happy to be part of this amazing community!!


We are Oscar & Marie from Stockholm, Sweden. We started Stockwaves in 2013 to try our luck in the royalty free world of music and audio. So far it’s going great! Our sales as well as our commitment have been increasing steadily over time, and we happily turned Elite earlier this year. AudioJungle has really grown on us and we’re super excited to see what the future may hold.

Cheers to Envato and your 10th anniversary! :+1::balloon::tada::sunglasses:


Hi. Vitaliy is here! I’m an music producer from Kiev, Ukraine. My job and my hobby is to provide the world with the best background music. Beetween recording sessions I travel with my family, work as volunteer in summer camps and serve in worship bands in churches. It’s my luck to be the part of such a great community. So, Cheers, guys!



Here’s a picture of our Program Director, Adrian, telling your story in our all-company meeting:

Now everyone at Envato knows about you and wants to see you succeed :smiley:

For everyone else, please keep the photos coming! We want to see more of our authors around the office!


Woooooowww!!! Amazing! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

We’re so so happy seeing this picture! And this give us a lot of strenght to continue on this journey doing our best!

Thank you very very much Matthew and Adrian, we’re not going to dissapoint the Envato team :slight_smile:

Bests regards,


This is what we do :smile:

Hi! My name is Danijel, I am 24 year old and I am from Serbia. I am music producer for over ten years, love to create, that’s my passion, love and a job. Envato is really something big and special, glad to be a part of it.

Cheers! :slight_smile:


We are a small creative team of Composers / Producers based in 3 different locations (London, Skopje and Sofia)
Here is a photo of part of our team in Skopje, Macedonia ( naBBoo / Todd Haze & Shandar ) Shout Out to the rest of our team: Alain, Greg and Borislav ( I hope you enjoy the vacation guys! ) :slight_smile:



I dig your clock.


Some summer pics))

Me and my wife Masha (we have just bought selfi stick. So we are testing it here)

Oka River. This bridge connects Upper and Lower parts of Nizhny Novgorod.

Like this view. Ropeway, Volga and hills. Love riding my bike here.



Heya ! :smiley: Nick Tzios here ( @WolfSound )
just messed a little bit with Photoshop and stopped to say Hi !
So Hi !

and the proper photo !


Elevate Audio here! We’re Avery (Me) and Will - two producers, composers and songwriters from the Hudson Valley in New York.

Will and I had been working hard for years on our musical crafts, each having our own careers before discovering each other.

We clicked from the very first day writing together, and we never stopped. (We have the first ever song we wrote together selling here on AJ.)

Today we’re passionate about capturing very specific emotion by being as intentional as possible in every musical decision.

This challenge is invigorating, and AudioJungle has been an incredible place to test ourselves, grow, and connect with people who our music can make a real difference for.

Envato, thanks for all your hard work, sleepless nights and vision for this platform. The whole thing feels like a giant, loving collaboration - between us the creators, you the platform, and the passionate customers working on awesome stuff.

Sending love to the whole team - now here’s two pictures for your screens. :grin:
(Catch that rhyme?)


Heya guys! James here from AA. A bit late to the party, but I hope this thread is still alive!

I am an 18 year old producer from sunny Perth, Western Australia. I started on AJ on April 4th, 2015 and made my first sale the same day. From that moment I was hooked, and since then I have dedicated myself to becoming the best author I can be on AudioJungle. It’s been a phenomenal learning experience being an Envato author, and I’m so thankful to be able to make money doing what I love. I make all kinds of music, and every day I strive to improve myself, making each new release better than the last. So thanks Envato, and here’s a pic for your screens! :smiley: