Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid. Discuss.

Hello there, fellow AJ authors. If you think that posting your frustrations on the Audiojungle Sales Monitor thread a few times a week is bad, prepare to really start complaining about how tough it is to sell your royalty free tunes. Programmers are working hard to automate what you do.

I know this isn’t a completely new concept, but this is an article you should read.

There was a 2015 post talking about AI in Rotalty Free Music

In my humble opinion there is nothing cool in listening to automated machine designed music


“Rise of the machines is coming” and i wish this words would be just a joke but this is reality.

Check this out:

So far all the automated music i have heard is a absolute joke. And with the coming of certain (indonesian) authors who just upload the same track over and over again with various accounts each day, we are basically allready living in this nightmare. :wink:

All in all, it’s really not something to worry about for now.


But, it will be soon enough.

Sorry Robert but I am afraid - every night I wake up screaming and have a panic attack and I hear it in my head “…Giddidy Gig…” - is this the sound of the future?


Have you been Family Guy binging, Graham?


Glen Quagmire should be President - Full of Hope, Passion and above all else Stamina to get the job done. …Giddidy Gig…

President of… England? Careful now, Graham!

In fact I would become a US Citizen just to be able to vote for Mr. Quagmire.

This is what you should put on your application.


computerized music? by a machine? without the art of the humanity? lol
and mr Google wasting time seeking eternal life…

It’s gonna be a war between AI(artificial intelligence) and humanity, because robots will transcend us in every level. Transhumanism, have you heard about it? Technology been given to us for our slavery :slight_smile:

Skynet is coming!


Oh yeahh man. For sure :slight_smile:

Google’s AI-Building AI Is a Step Toward Self-Improving AI

The Machine learning human brain. So this is just beginning of the “Beast” which called Skynet here :slight_smile:

I guess computer music will no longer need man as its creator within 5-10 years. It will create itself.

For me it is like those weekly news about we found a cure for cancer and so on… It is always this fuss about a better future and an idealistic utopic evasion for our real problems. You see Boston Robotics it’s an amazing company getting very cool advances but so far away to emulate carbon organic based lifeforms