Bateaux theme has malfunctions in its widgets - update required?

I’ve been using the premium bateaux theme for a client’s website. Recently, the widgets and other functions give an error code and can not be accessed or edited any longer. Any updates coming? Any advice on how to fix?


There’s been no updates in 3 years and the author no longer supports the theme so it unfortunately it feels unlikely that there’s new versions to come.

You could look at hiring a freelancer to have a look at fixing it but it’s impossible to judge without investigation.

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Thanks. I guess I might be better off getting a new theme template that does have support and updates active…

Probably wise - there’s not a lot in that theme that can’t easily be replicated by one of the multi purpose themes.

Have a look at ones by @greatives esp Impeka

Whatever you use is going to inevitably need some styling but with a solid base and page builder should be easy

Thanks, that’s a great suggestion - appreciate it!

To be fair there’s lots of great authors but for context we still use a theme by @greatives that was released in 2015 so their support and updates are not bad!

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