Basic questions!

Hi everyone !

I am a new author AudioJungle, my name is Emotisongs.

I am very happy to be here but I have some basic questions. I searched estiy Help center but not sure I understood things well.

Concerning the register of songs … if I have songs that are already registered in the SGAE (Spain) I can not ascend to sell AudioJungle ?,These songs could be used on a non-exclusive account?

Also… if I have uploaded to cdbaby songs … I can use in the AudioJungle?

All songs that go up to your portfolio are recorded in youtube ID, or not?

Sorry for these questions so basic … I hope you can help me.

Thank you

  1. PRO-registered songs are not allowed at exclusive or non-exclusive accounts. So you cannot sell songs already registered with SGAE.

  2. If you sell your tracks on CDbaby for personal listening (for example, as part of an album) - you can sell them at AJ. Exclusivity applies to selling licenses for those tracks uploaded here.

  3. No, tracks are not registered with YouTube ID automatically. You can optionally join one of the services, that’s up to you.


then songs that are uploaded have not registred any way ?, just being in AudioJungle is sufuciente?

Hey Emotisongs. As DoubleLion said you can choose to register songs yourself for youtube. For this you would join Adrev and you upload a copy of your song to their website. They have a system where if anybody uses your song they can detect it when they have your song on file. It means you are entitled to revenue if those songs are making money from advertising and Adrev get that for you (you don’t get money from advertising from people who paid for a license for your song) You don’t have to register your songs if you don’t want to. I think I am correct in all this.

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Aza, Double Lion…thanks a lot for your responses. Now I understand