Base Price doesn't display in Order Summary or email order confirmation when using Woo Commerce Extra Product Options

I’m using the plugin Woo Commerce Extra Product Options and it totals the price correctly adding the “extra options” to the Base product price. HOWEVER, in the order summary after the customer pays, the Base Price isn’t displayed or itemized in the Order Summary or in the automatic email that is sent to the customer with the Order Summary. For example, if they buy a pair of sunglasses with a Base Price of $100 and add “extra options” of lenses for $200, the price will correctly total to $300. The items will also be itemzed correctly in the shopping cart. But after they pay, an Order Summary appears that doesn’t display the Base Price. It will say “Sunglasses” with no price next to it, then it will say “Lenses $200” and it will show a total of $300. Some customers will call back a few weeks later very angry because they forgot what they ordered. They have an order summary showing $200 only, and want to know why they were charged $300. I need to get this fixed right away.


Contact with your item author hope your problem will solved how to contact .
Or open a support ticket for Envato Help Hope they would like you assist you.