Banner /ad rejected any feedback

hi , look, once have taken out the main picture that must not be included in the main zip file, what do u have left in the end? herbs, a brush and text spread around … if u ask me this is way too short for the item to have a decent commercial value and for u to expect to sell. Let’s face it, buyers would not feel they would save time out of buying and would not consider that they can get a product going way beyond what they can offer in terms of their graphic design skills , so why would the reviewer accept the file? pls keep in mind that there are already tons of products in the catalogue , some very old a bit in this style and lots of far better ones. in addition, I am conscious that a lot of guys do this, but honestly , this disposition of texts is nothing but inefficient, look, u have to bend your head in order to be able to read … this is not convenient and pragmatic to say the least. The hierarchy of information is also very flat … (and same goes with the typo by the way) we cannot really identify primary information and secondary one, all is more or less on the same level. Have u ever heard about z-lay out otherwise? I guess ifs did u will understand what is wrong with the organization at the moment and why nothing is really springing out

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yeah, you’re right. as i have seen your portfolio, it have looks like you’re expert in flyer & banner section. this design is hard rejected but can you edit it as per your standards? what i didn’t include what i missed?

Thank You btw, I have to accept that I’m only good at mockups & actions :slight_smile: I can’t get into these fields.

there is a old saying that mentions that Rome city was not created within a day … nothing prevents u from being part of any category but u have to work for it, this is this simple … if u have enough clues as regard to what to do pls check the solution box, thanks in advance . good work and good luck :slight_smile:

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