Banned User and Licence Code

OK here is probably a pretty silly question that I am sure I all ready know the answer to…

I have a buyer, that bought one of my PHP scipts, and who I have provided support to in the past contact me about an update I just released. I offer premium support for things like installation which is what he is asking for. He wants me to upload the script to his site as well as install it.

Problem is his account has been banned. I explained to him that this makes his purchase code invalid, but he insists that his purchase code is still good even though he has been banned. Using the API the purchase code comes back as, you guessed it, invalid.

Reassure me please, his purchase code is invalid now right?

On a side note, none of the Forum categories really match to my post. Where should I stick a post like this in the future?


As far as I know, if the account is banned, purchase codes are no longer valid if associated with fraudulent purchase or some other foul play by the account owner.

If you check the purchase code, and it is no longer valid, there is nothing more to check, Envato had some good reason to disable the code and purchase, and only way to resolve it is that account owner contact Envato and ask for explanation and wait for resolution.

Thanks, as I figured. Just wanted to hear it from another author :smile:

You really should not provide support or anything else for banned user.

Your scenarios have flaws. If a user was banned due to fraudulent activity that took place on their account and attempted on several instances attempted to contact envato with no response leaving the only option to report to paypal to have the charge removed. Why would envato how clearly has the capability not just deactivate the products in question? instead they deactivated 3 years worth of purchases that were clearly paid for. The seller was paid. envato took their %.