Banking funds

I know that you are removing the “credits” option as a funding method. I also know there is plenty of feedback about the entire topic but I was not able to reply to the thread so I wanted to as a simple question… please read this. it’s a short read and balances both sides of the topic… I wanted to raise a question from a functionality perspective vs “complaining about the cost increase” i.e. big picture.

I am sure many people out there who are freelance, contractors, DIY end users, or particularly marketing startup companies who face the challenges with managing expenses while being able to provide “on the fly / quick turn solutions”.

Why I am advocating for this “functionality” (again, not talking about increased cost):
The main reason I loved the ability to deposit a few hundred dollars at a time into my Envato account, for future purchases, was that it provided me with a safety net. I always knew I had that buffer to help in those sticky situations, when someone needed a “Friday night 11 PM, last min design, website mock, ad campaign, flyer, etc.” regardless of cash flow (which we all know can be feast or famine). I had the confidence of knowing I always had funds available to purchase assets at any time it.

Compromise that is a WIN-WIN for Envato
You are charging a premium for all purchases (unlike the “credit discount” of before) but, what if you still allow the option to “bank funds” on Envato sites, STILL charge your $1-2 fee (not that I really want to pay it) ultimately, providing users with the option to bank funds without a monetary benefit (the discounts of the past) ???

This would be a win-win for Envato and users who liked having that ability like me will be happy they can still allocate funds in advance.

As a seasoned SR Product Manager and Business Owner, I have to imagine the reason to remove the “credits” is not solely based on user adoption… You guys/gals realized that there was a lot of money to be made, increasing margins for investors & overall company valuation.

I am simply asking would you consider re-implementing the “credits” functionality IF, you still charged the $1-2 fee ???

Honestly, I really loved that functionality to always ensure I had the ability to buy assets, themes, etc. especially when cash flow was tight and would have otherwise prevented me from being able to shift on the fly. For me, it really was a relief knowing that I almost always had a $100-200 cushion on Envato so I never was jammed up.

food for thought… think about the functionality it provided assuming you’re still getting the “handling fee”… what do you think?

Just for the sake of clarity - one challenge that existed with credits was the considerations around storing people’s money (like a bank effectively and who credits expired after 12 months).

I don’t know if this has any impact on the decision to remove credits but it would be a business consideration that would return using the idea above.