Ballpark Cost

If you have the possibility to build a website for a well-known ambulance company located near a big city, what would be a ballpark cost that you would charge?

The idea is to create a website with a theme from ThemeForest. The interest is to simply have a web presence as they already have their own internal systems to manage their emails and company software.

It would depend on numerous things such as (but not limited to):

  • which city/country
  • how many pages
  • what functionality i.e is it all within the standard theme functionality or does it require custom work
  • is this including hosting / security / maintenance updates etc
  • are you having to design and mock-up the website before building it or going straight to code?
  • is it catching any audience data/information which needs to be encrypted?
  • what SLA are you offering?

Presumably, you are being upfront with the client about the fact you are using a theme/template and the considerations/impact which that includes?

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  • In Dallas
  • 20-35
  • No custom work, standard theme functionality
  • hosting, maintenance, security will be offered as separate if interested. Most likely they will use their own
  • they are open to what I can come up with and go from there
  • no. just a contact form
  • no SLA. Just a new web design to refresh the image and that will only be for information purposes, not handling financial or important internal information.

Ahead of anything I would suggest that you properly scope it all out and get a detailed brief (and ideally mock-up) in place. Without that you are inviting future changes, feedback, updates, opinions etc. regardless of what they might tell you about ‘simply have a web presence’.

I can’t comment on local markets but I would say to start the conversation at $20K upward, mark (if you are feeling generous). If they went to an established agency they would be looking at significantly more than that.

You have to assume that it will never be as simple as you might think and that you need to be aiming for around 3 weeks upward to concept, construct, develop, test etc.

Of course they could outsource it to a far and away freelancer but you should be offering greater safeguard than that would bring

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