Bait and Switch

I wanted to buy a theme from Theme Forest. The ad on top lead me to believe that I could get access to all of the themes. But after paying I found out that I still had to pay for any of the themes on Themeforest that I wanted.
I’m a student on a limited budget and I have no way of contacting anyone for support or refund. I was a member for 5 minutes but Envato wants my money even though I haven’t downloaded anything.
Shame on you envato. I will be cancelling the CC used.

Don’t worry, this is a common mistake, which desperately needs to be fixed.

Since you haven’t downloaded anything, you can contact support through the link below. You should have no problem receiving a refund. Though keep in mind that it can take a while for them to get back to you because of the increase of support tickets.

Subscription is only for items found on NOT for ThemeForest or other marketplaces.

Then why is it on Themeforest? All I wanted to do was to buy some themes. Oh wait it’s Envato Market. Not much of a difference.

Envato Market and Envato Elements are two different services. Elements is a subscription service and is it’s own entity separate from the main Marketplace. Since they are both owned by the same company, Envato, they often advertise Elements in various places around the Marketplace, often causing confusion, which is understandable. Some items on the Marketplace may be on Elements, but not all.

Two major differences between the two are the licensing and what’s included.

  • Can only use downloaded items for new projects as long as you are currently subscribed to the service. Any items you have downloaded before your subscription ends can no longer legally be used in any new projects
  • Items do not include any updates or support.


  • Each item type is provided with a different license which states how the item can be used, though most if not all licenses never expire as long as you have not refunded the item.
  • Any updates to an item are free for anyone who has purchased it prior. I believe many Wordpress Themes can even be automatically updated as long as you have things set up correctly.
  • Full support for any themes within the stated timeframe.
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