Badges rejected. I want to understand why?

All graphics were executed as Photoshop vector shapes, The texts were written in free fonts and I indicated precisely the links where they can be purchased. (dafont, fontspace and fontzone)

I would like to know why this badge was rejected. If anyone knows how to tell me, please give me an answer.

Too simple

hi honestly I do not know what to start with … I guess by mentioning that the composition looks messy though not being really super worked out all the same … plus there is a complete lack of guideline and coherence according to me, the actual proof being particularly about the way u played and “lost” with colors lol sorry for the little joke, what I try to explain that there is no harmony and unity indeed. hard to understand also the upper part , either in terms of style and of typo … the rest looks rather vintage or retro style and upper part looks very digital and thus very disconnected if u ask me. IN addition, look, the addition of symbol make the composition look really busy to say the least and there is close to no breathing at all , which is a guaranty that the final result will not be highly aesthetic in the end …

Hi, Thanks
I tried to adopt an asymmetrical style to come up with something special. I was probably wrong. Thanks anyway for the reply. Have a nice day and beautiful holidays.

hi u are welcome, wish u good holidays too :slight_smile: