Bad sales my html and psd.... please help me

Hi to all:

My psd and html freddy 0 sales, how I can fix some for good sales, thank you so much. (please see my profile link themeforest)


With all due respect but I am surprised that this was even approved in its current state. The header menu is bugged on Safari, typography is very mediocre with lazy lorem ipsum content everywhere. Also, why services blocks are clickable, but blog titles aren’t? I like the overall concept, but the template feels unfinished. So if you want to make some sales, you will need to do much, much better than this.

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Many thanks, I will fix some my psd and html, later I will update my items thank you so much, regards.


A ask, I will update my psd and html but you will help me better my design in here forum? thank you.