Bad Reviews from Author point of view


What happens if a buyer is blackmailing author to translate the plugin/theme to his language or he’ll rate it with 1 star?

How can we protect ourselves from false reviews? Can we complain to Envato and how?


Found a lot of useful information here: Inappopriate buyer review on an item in case of support expired



The best thing you can do is keep a record of all communication about it and be polite. Then at least you have evidence to go to support with if they do give you a bad rating.


Yes, I did that, I saved all emails in two separate accounts. :slight_smile:


Hopefully it will come to nothing. Good luck


it all depends on envato for this … they should protect authors from the flaws of this system … when many guys complain that they did not “cancel” more than obviously unfair ratings that they received …