Bad File Format


Hello community,

Yesterday I was working on my latest track when suddenly the power went out.

I thought I had lost a couple hours of work, but it’s actually worse than this. The Reason Song file is now labeled as Bad File Format and won’t load in Reason. So it seems I’ve lost the whole song.

Now, I found a few “file recovery” software online, but they only work with common extensions such as .doc, .jpg, .mp3, .xls and so on. Not for .reason extension.

Has any of you guys encountered the same issue and is there a way to recover the freaking file? Or do I have to start all over again?



I don´t know how Reason works but Logic Pro and Pro Tools automatically save the session every so often and generate other session file with backup. Maybe Reason has some as it but saved in other place.


Hi Pierre I once had the exact same problem with Ableton, I contacted support, they asked for the “corrupt” file (also bad format thingy) and they fixed it after a week. Perhaps you can try something like that with Propellerhead ?


Thanks for your reply! Yes it should work similarly with Reason. The few times when there has been some issues with saving, Reason would generate a recovery file on my desktop upon restart. Not this time though, and I haven’t found any in the Reason folders.


Thank you for your help! I would not have thought of contacting support. If they too can help, that’d be awesome! I’m going to try, it might just work, cheers :slight_smile: