Bad Experience with Codecanyon!!!

I really disappointed with your reviewer team.
They just rejecting without checking the product. I also opened support ticket for that.
My Products are approved on other platforms and my customers are satisfied I am not understanding why codecanyon rejecting my item after lots of improvement! I think This is favoritism going on.
Checkout the demo : ( (admin/demopass)

Provide me real feedbacks…

When you say “approved on other platforms” - is that the same items?

If so then as an exclusive author you will never be approved here as that breaches your author agreement with envato

What is exclusive author?
I want to sell my product on multiple platforms.

What should I do?

Same issue with us, even we have items on Envato and last week our item is approved and this time rejection on rejection without checking.

how to reach reviewer? - Envato Forums

Then you need to be a non-exclusive author (less commission) Exclusivity Policy – Envato Author Help Center

You can have 2 ccoutns (1 which is exclusive and 1 which is non), but any item which is also sold elsehwereneeds to be sold from a non exclusive account.

check this username : “deluxescripts” and let me know what is this? Is it exclusive or non-exclusive?
If Its exclusive then how can I change account type?
After changing account type can I submit my product again?

Both ‘deluxescript’ and ‘deluxescripts’ are exclusive accounts.

Note that having multiple accounts which are both exclusive or non exclusive is also not allowed.

Any suggestion?
What can I do now?
I also wants to change account type?
If I will do this, after product approval I will remove my product from other marketplaces. Is it okay?

As per the link above:

“You can change the exclusivity status of an account at any time through your Account Settings, but when opting out (changing to non-exclusive) you will need to wait 30 days until the change takes effect. At the end of the 30 day period (from the day on which you change your account status), you will be free to offer the items in that account outside of Envato and the author fee you pay to Envato will change to the non-exclusive rate. Opting into exclusivity takes effect immediately.”

You cannot submit, then on approval remove it from other marketplaces. If you are using an exclusive account then, you need to remove it from the other marketplace first

Guide me simply!
What can I do now?
I will remove my product from other market place now. after that i can resubmit my product?

waiting for the reply!

I don’t think the reject has anything to do with selling on other platforms…

Maybe someone else with more experience can help you…

Please help me out from this!

I would gladly help you but you project is different from what I code so I am not able to give you advice on this one, there are other that I hope will help you solve this.

Anyone Is here to help me out?
I really disappointed!

Geeee, why I never read thes policy documents Exclusivity Policy – Envato Author Help there is a lot things that I have to now. Thank you