Bad Customer Service - Refunds and unanswered tickets

I wonder why Evanto has not responded to my requests for a refund and other help with affiliate problems. It seemed just like they ignored me.

Almost 10 days ago, I contacted the support team to solve a problem with an affiliate program. They saw that request but didn’t give any answers. They just ignored me.

Then I asked for a refund from Envato elements because I don’t need its service (I’ve got a block in my back cart to withdraw money automatically, but they somehow were charged).

Since it is impossible to reach them by phone, this is the only way for me to try and contact them. How long should I wait for your attention? Other services, with no less audience, always contacted me within a day… But you…

You guys created a wonderful service, but please, give is users respect and attention.

How did you know that they saw the request? It’s usually taking 5-7 days for the respond ( sometimes longer ) as well as the email may end-up your junk folder ( some cases )

I hope some of the team members would contact you here. Just be a little bit more patient and there’s still no answer, create another ticket.

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