bad code and bad support

i bought app from SmarterVision.
thay have not any support for installation.
and when i chat with support they dont answer
so i cannot install this app
i want cancel and refund mony.


If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request for a refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explanation of the refund policy.


Installation is not included to the item therefor they don’t have to provide support for the installation.

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when i want install error appear
and they dont answer

Author is responsible to provide answer for any technical query. So, if author not responding you can ask for refund.

i asked from him
but they dont answer

i asked from him
but they dont answer

For reference (I don’t know who I item you are using, so this is only from their general support info) the author mentions up to 5 working days for answers to some support.

They also explain what they will/will not offer in terms of installation support and/or setup.

In the screenshot above that message was 1 day ago and on a weekend not a business day so you may not be entitled to the refund yet.

its normal for a question i wait minimum one day?
i bought this app more than 2 week and i cannot install it. because hove problem in code

have you checked the support page information of your purchased app:

especially check point 1, 2 and 3.

I bought all app

i wait for they answer
until now they dont answer
i asked a easy question
but they dont anser


You will need to give them time to response around 3 -5 business days. Though around all authors respond within 1 business day. If author don’t reply you can ask for refund because the app installation process giving errors.

If you don’t have the qualify to fix small issues on your own, I think you should consider to hire someone for the installation/set-up. I’m not an expert on “mobile apps” but it seems you’re even not giving attention to the suggestions here we’re ( @mgscoder ) offering, I can’t imagine how many duplicate posts you’re creating on the author’s support page - will probably cause more delay

Just google the error messages, there’re lots of similar issues:

today is 4/29/2023
until now no one has answered my question from SmarterVision

Check the documentation and if you can’t handle to install it on your own, either contact the item author for paid installation service or find someone elsewhere

They absolutely do not answer.
In case of bug in the application or installation by themselves.
several time i try call with him but dont answer.
I wonder how this company sells software with defects and no support through codecanyon?

You can contact Envato support for refund and find another template.