Backing up my Avada web site

I’m new to Wordpress and before I potentially mess up the site I’d like to create a back up.

I’d purchased a backup plug in which unfortunately my site host does not support. My question is, can I simply FTP the complete site back to a folder onto my PC?

Then if I need to restore it, simply upload by FTP the contents in the same order as they can off?

I’m hoping it’s possible but am guessing it’s a bit more complicated.

Hi there

You can simply make a zip of your current Avada theme. Then later if you want it back, then replace that avada with the one you have as zip file.

If you want a full backup, then make an archive of your entire WordPress root folder, and also export your database using phpMyAdmin.

I don’t see why using a backup plugin in this situation. It is usable when you want daily backups for example.

All the best. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Great, thanks for this. I’ll give it a go.