Back to review process. Who set the standards?

I know, really this topic is been so many time around I presume people getting sick of it. However, seems Envato doesn’t do anything to improve this.

We talk about the review process, quality of providing standards and time taken to review item.

After submitting same flyer template twice, I was shocked of the final results. After waiting 7 days I got 2 emails in same day one after another. First email I receive it was about the item rejection. All, good. I am not fuzzy regarding rejections. But after few minutes I got another email saying my item was approved. This is where I really kick off.

What happening with standards? What happening with review principles and who actually control the reviewers. Is there any guidance or everyone doing whatever they want.

I have to say massive thanks to the reviewer who approved this item. It comes to show to the other reviewer that is wrong. Especially when got the first sale after one day.

Last but really important. My new item is been now 9 days on waiting list for review. A good job is not Christmas related.
What happened with the 6 days period?

Don’t get me wrong. I am not a big fan of writing this and trying to find the solution I know won’t happen but I really look forward finally someone to get here and explain one for all why we keep getting this bad service. We pay enough commission, so let’s hear something good please.

Back to you now.