Back end developer for Contests Website Needed

We are looking for a skilled, talented back end developer in Php, MySQL, JS, e.t.c with a good front end understanding to connect our front end elements to a database and to breathe some life in the contest design project.
We have a great front end theme developed, the UI has been developed in latest front end technology i.e HTML5, CSS3, JS and SASS etc.
The front end files are currently available for use.

<img src=
And more…

Follow through the brand intently and make all new elements along the same look

The developer
Should have great skills in Php, MySQL, JQuery or any JS
Should have knowledge of front end Development
Advise and implement best backend solutions
Create a logical flow of the website from start to finish and loop back.
Reduce complex stages and apply ease of use.
should be capable of spotting loose ends and proposing a solution
Should advise and implement best security solutions
In the near future we will host the project from an AWS cloud instance, knowledge of AWS cloud is a plus (but not a requirement at this point)
Less steps, clear and straight to the point easy to use
Use of reusable code (avoid complexity) - focus on function
Should be able to implement other sections of the project regardless of unavailability of the design. (i.e. billing pages, reports, payment sections)
Provide great user experience techniques

Please be ready to show a portfolio of your work.

If this is a job you would be interested to do contact me here. or email

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