Baby Sitting And Pet Sitting wordpress theme


I’m looking for an ecommerce site for the pet and baby sitting in an hourly pay concept.

So far, this are the two templates I have found so far but I think they are not enough to meet my client’s demands:

Please check below my client’s requirements and please tell me if you have any ideas on what kind of themeforest template or any codecanyons plugins that can fully support his ideas please?

Really thanks for the help!

What I want the website to do;
I would like a website that works in the same way as upwork, my website however is for sitters. I would like users to sign up, say if they are a parent/pet owner or a sitter. If they are a sitter I would then like them to create a profile about themselves, detailing their experience levels (if any) their hourly cost, where they live and information about themselves.
From there, their profiles will be uploaded to the site, ready for them to be hired buy a carer.
On the parent/pet owner side I would want it to be very simple for them to find sitters, I want there to be an area where they can input their postcode and choice (pets sitter or child sitter). Then a list will be shown to the carer all the available sitters starting from closest first radius of sitters, from there, the carer will be able to scroll through sitters profiles, read them, read comments left by others that have used them and choose a sitter they are happy with.
Once parent/pet owner has picked a sitter, they will go through a checkout system, this is where they will fill out how many hours they will require and on what day and time they need the sitter, they can pick a sitter 7 days in advance. Once they have filled out this information, they will pay through the site; this cost is calculated by the sitter’s hourly fees. Once they have paid, the money will go into a holding account that I will own. When the job is complete the sitter and carer will both log back onto the site and agree that is has been completed, from there the money from the holding account will be transferred to the sitters account, with a small fee taken out
Other things I would like on the site

A login page and register page

I would like a feedback system for the sitters, once a job has been completed, parents / pet owners can leave feedback on the sitter’s profiles, leaving a comment and 1-5 stars on how they felt the sitter did.