"Baby Boy" Expressions vector Rejected. Plz help me improve

Hi everyone, its been a while since Ive worked with graphicriver. Now id like to come back to this awesome marketplace. So frnds plz suggest how I can improve this item? Thanks all in advance :slight_smile:

Hi there:

I like your vector baby but I not know why was hard rejected but I never sell any vector many thanks.


I think that you need more works baby for example 25 or 30 vector maybe approved.

lol si no cambia cualcosa, se puede hacer 40000 ilustraciones los reviewers no se van a aceptar su trabajo …

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hi i think that there are two main issues, one that u cannot do anything about so to speak and another one that u may interact upon. the one u cannot do anything about is the global style, for me the style is a bit retro and i guess that they have considered this as not having marketability enough indeed

the other reason is that your illustration should be rather like sets so to speak so that people can change postures, emotions and so on , i should inspire from @memoangeles style and way to create these sets, Memo is a killer and is a very good inspiration for anyone who creates illustration in my view

Si muchosssssssssssss illustrator no van a aceptar pero como 20 illustrator van a aceptar yo creo


me gusta muchoooooooo su ilustración bebe con su gato es muy lindo pero no estoy burlando de su diseño pero me da risa porque un poco chiste porque un bebe saco a un gato pero gato no quiere ir jaja

yo no lo creo, se puede ayudar pero no cambia si hay un problema con el estilo …

no he dicho que la ilustración no es buena para algunas personas pero se quisiera vender hay que ofrecer ilustración que a la gente le gusta mucho en general y para eso hay que dar los reviewers la impresión que se puede vender la mucho … a mi parecer no es lo que @diamonddew tiene aquí …

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Puede ser… a lo mejor error diseño illustrator necesita mejor mas profesional.


LOOOOOOL well done buddy :slight_smile: indeed i uses spanish as Jeri is having a whole lot of trouble with english …

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Sorry but can you explain in English? Thanks in advance

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@diamonddew sorry @n2n44 speak with me only spanish because i am not good english

i did beforehand ,i was just trying to explain to @JeriTeam why i said what i said to u

Thanks all for your valuable feedback!