B2B - Simplify Credit Accounts/30 day payment terms

Does anyone know a of a plugin that will make 30 day payment terms easier on woocommerce?

Businesses who sell to other businesses standardly offer payment terms for customers to buy/ship now and pay later.

Right now, I have to mark orders as ‘completed’ once they’re shipped to make sure they don’t get sent again, otherwise they will still show as ‘processing’ and will be assumed as unshipped. I then have to keep note of who has and hasn’t paid and send reminders etc.

I’m hoping to find a way that at least allows different payment terms according to customer type (eg ‘regular customer’ and ‘credit customer’) and separates orders into something like ‘shipped/paid’ and ‘shipped/unpaid’ so I can quickly access who is yet to pay. Ideally, I’d also like for automatic reminders to be sent to the unpaid customers 30 days after payment, 45 days, final reminders etc.