B2B market plugins

Hello, I am not sure yet if I really want Envato elements it does have a lot to offer but I’m not sure if they have the right plugins here to make a B2B market.

I need plugins from Envato elements that can make the same as Woocomerce B2B.

If you know could you cite me the name of a few plugins that meet the criteria of Woocomerce B2B, please?


You can try fro here for B2B plugins

Hope will helpful for you



Thank you for the message, I had found these plugins before, I wanted mostly an opinion because since I have a very low budget, I need to think cautious about which option will suit me better.

My current options would be either buy Woocommerce B2B which has everything I need for $37 on the envato market or pay the monthly subscription to envato elements which is $16.50 although I have noticed that envato elements don’t have fully made B2B plugins available so I was wondering if there where multiple different plugins that when used together would do the same job as the plugin Woocommerce B2B, this would be great if it had because my level of access to items would be larger.

Paying the envato elements monthly subscription would only have any value to me if I could find such plugins. Its just so hard to find with such a huge gallery of plugins.

Thank you.

To make it easier the following attributes I really needed are the following ones below:

  1. Only allows customers to check out if their cart total is equal to or greater than the established amount.
  2. Only registered and logged in customers can see product prices and can purchase.
  3. Decide which customers are allowed to buy from my store, enabling the accounts I deem appropriate.
  4. Simplified login with an email address instead of username.
  5. Add mandatory VAT number field and Company name in billing address, in order email and in order details in backend.
  6. The registry is saved to Woocommerce so that there is no necessity of typing it again on the checkout page.

If envato elements subscription has plugins for all these attributes I will be more than happy to subscribe.

Thank you.

If you didn’t find your chosen one then my suggest for you
Hire expert someone from Envato Studio this is Envato Freelancer platform.hope they will help you