B.E.A.T. (Big and Enormously Important Acceptance Thread)

Hello, my fellow authors!

Considering new uploading rules I’ve decided that making topic where we can discuss our track with each other BEFORE actually uploading it would be a good idea.

So, here are the rules of this thread:

  1. You upload only one track link per post.
  2. You read the feedback you’ve got and then upload changed version (if you made any)
  3. Consider your chances to be approved and thus to make money.
  4. ???
  5. Profit.

So, here we go. This is my first one.:


What do you think?

Hi there -
The biggest problem that I find with your track is the timing of the sample attack on the strings / cellos. The sample attack is way too slow due to the quality of samples. If you adjusted the timing of the samples by bringing forward the stems (I presume you do use them rather than playing them back live) then the sample starts would not be so apparent. The brass also sounds a little unconvincing for this heroic / epic genre. It needs to sound BIG as this is a very very competitive market. IMHO.

Some examples of what I am trying to talk about:



Thank you very much for your feedback! But what stems are? Didn’t heard of it((

Each midi track is rendered as a separate wav file which used in your Daw allows you to fine tune the individual audio for each midi part - great flexibility and mixing control.

Yes, that I know of. But how exactly should I’bring forward the stems? I honestly don’t understand(

Use the timing delay for each audio part / track (+ / - )

Oh, now I get it! Thank you very much!

Collaboration is always great, but I would restrain from evaluating chances of being accepted. It may lead to unnecessary frustration, if something goes not as expected.

Yes, of coarse it might. But wouldn’t frustration of being hard rejected with generic reasoning be higher?

And also guys already do send tracks on this forum before uploading it. I’ve just thought that keeping it all in one thread would be better. Thus we all can learn something without browsing through all or the forum.

Let’s put it on vote. Do we need this thread of should I just remove it?

Yeah, its a great idea overall, I was just referring one particular point. We can always use our own judgement and taste as a base.

Well, mine apparently is not enough :slight_smile:

Neither mine, at least to make any predictions :slight_smile: