Awesome viewing figures for this video which uses my music

I was blown away to see the viewing figures of this youtube video by Norman Fait Des Videos, which uses my best selling track from my AJ portfolio. 17,117,848 views!!!

and the prequel to this also uses the same track, and another of my top sellers and has 4,021,625 views!

This is quite cool! I’m curious( if it is something that you wouldn’t want to share it’ s ok) , what would be the conversion rate( clicks to your song’s page) for this number of views?

That’s a lot of views! Congrats, hope this will lead to some extra sales :slight_smile:

None at all, because I’m not credited :frowning:

That’s amazing well done Andy, maybe someone will ask in the comments who the composer is? Then you could point them in the right direction :wink:

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Just wondering if there is any reason that an author couldn’t just add a comment to a YouTube video like this along the lines of ‘If you want to use the background music for this video for your own project follow this link’ without someone asking the question first?

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I don’t see why not. This video has over 9000 comments though so it wouldnt be very visible. But in general it doesn’t appear to be ANY limitations to what people can write in the comments section :wink:

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You could add the same comment at regular intervals to keep it near the top :grinning: