Away from work, it's great to meet people like you ?? Specifically, what text files should contain

I want to know the requirements of preparing Victor file Specifically, what text files should contain Thank you, friends.


Please check here:



thank you

well done u are the best technicians with @XioxGraphix , people can ask the two of u absolutely anything , so cool :slight_smile:

This is possible when the answer is not clear from some members as I lifted my work and was rejected.

LOL maybe this is also that u may not have done all what it takes … lol this is a bit easy to “blame other people” rather than ourselves … some guys - and they are numerous say they fixed things and repost and when they repost the hard rejected item again we basically cannot see any improvement … in addition we can only provide people with indications … only the reviewer would know the reasons why the item was hard rejected …

I am not blaming anyone here and I am here to build relationships with special friends. I am not here to discuss topics outside the main topic that I have published.

Everyone here is friends and one of the best designers in the world

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i have out the term into brackets … maybe there is a reason for this lol maybe i failed to understand or maybe u did to be perfectly clear or maybe both lol

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Thank you I listen to your useful advice I hope to see your comments always my friend

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