Award Shaow package II and III not working in After Effects

I purchased both the Awards Show II and Awards Show III packages and neither one of them work in after effects they are both missing files are are not compatible with my system I have a PC laptop. I have contacted the Author and have not received any response form them. This is not acceptable What do I do to get this issue corrected?

Hi @alexanderdevoe

I check those projects use trapcode particular and optical flares plugin and also include the project with pre-rendered version… did you opened the project files with pre-rendered version? you can recapture the missing files if there’s any.

Here’s what’s probably happening… you’re getting a message saying that the project was created in a different version of After Effects and needs to be converted. That’s nothing to worry about… just click ok and everything is sorted. The other issue is that the files need re-linking to the project. This sometimes happens when you open the project in a different version of After Effects than the one it was created in… especially if it’s Mac rather than PC. Just locate one of the missing files in the project panel in the top left. Missing items will show the coloured bars and be in italics. Just right click and choose replace… file… then locate the specific file in the project folder. This should re-link all of the missing files and you’re good to go.

If that doesn’t fix it, then you can contact NeoArray using the email form on their profile page:

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Sometimes zip downloads are corrupted, download them again perhaps will fix the problem.