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What does the “Sales Avg”. mean in the sort options? It’s Average Sales I know - but what does it mean? Could you explain me, please.

the one option in stats I really miss is the option, where you can sort by “Sales in time” - where all the last files with sales (no matter is it 1 sale or 30 sales) are going first (sorting by the time of purchase) (and of course they must not be repeated as in the ordinary statement).

Average sales per month.

Item’s number of sales / number of months from item publish time.

E.g. Item was sold 120 times, it was published 12 month ago. So avg.sales are 120/12=10 sales per month.

Last purchased option in portfolio

DREAMYARD_Visuals, Thank you so much! So helpful info, didn’t know that it’s exist already.

thanks a lot!

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You are welcome :slight_smile: