Average Intel i3 laptop + Samsung S6 earphones + FL Studio... What are my chances of success at Audiojungle?


Is there anyone here that has achieved at least moderate success with a similar setup? Would appreciate any feedback…


I’d say you need some decent studio speakers at least. It’s nearly impossible to ever properly mix/produce on headphones alone.


And you should consider buying some decent studio headphones. My personal favorites: Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro.


If you can, get some monitoring headphones first, you can find decent ones for a fair amount of money. I’d suggest Audio Technica M20X, they are quite cheap, and will do the job much better than any smartphone headphones out there. But of course, if you can invest more money, then studio monitors are a must. Cheers


It greatly depends on the style of music you intend to produce and hopefully sell. If you’re producing urban/electronic music that’s heavily reliant on samples your setup would be fine for starting out. A lot of famous artists have broken through with super modest FL Studio setups. If you intend to focus more on live, organic music or orchestral stuff you’ll need to step it up a little. What kind of music do you plan on submitting?


Thanks a lot, really appreciate the answers. I plan on submitting music that’s a little more towards the orchestral side of things. Basically, a steady piano with accompanying winds and strings. Is it possible to collaborate with artists here? Like I do the basic composing and someone mixes, and maybe even substitutes my sounds with better plugins, and we split the profits on sales. Is this a realistic/practical scenario?


hey bud ! :smiley: i think your samsung galaxy s6 is faster than your laptop ! :stuck_out_tongue:


To be honest I don’t think you’ll be able to compete with the cinematic/orchestral guys with such a modest setup. Achieving realistic orchestral sounds requires $$$, skill and experience. Your collaboration idea could work if you find the right match. There will be all the fun stuff like taxes to deal with though.


lol WolfSound, how true! Unfortunately, i’m stuck with this setup for now…:grin:

Music2Sync, thanks a lot for the comments… truly appreciate them… would like to know what you think about music like this: http://audiojungle.net/item/emotional-inspiration/10100839, for example. Do you think I could maybe manage somehow?


this type of music you can do without any crushes or errors ! its like 10-15 layers here ! but if you want to write trailer music or orchestral and epic ! you need more than 60 layers ! your laptop will run out of cpu and memory !!


So basically, what you’re saying is that if I had actually created that particular piece of music on my intel i3 with S6 headphones, I would have been able to get it accepted here on Audiojungle?


The specs of your computer will not affect a track’s ability to be accepted on AJ, only in that you’ll be limited as to what you can achieve with it. The deciding factors are ultimately your music composition and arrangement skills for commercially-viable production music, mixing and production skills, and quality of recordings and samples.

With that setup you’d probably be able to make simple ambient / electronic tracks without too much issue, but if you’re venturing into other genres involving virtual instruments and heavy sample libraries (for example, orchestral music), you’d need some more horsepower. For full-on orchestral music were talking at least 16GB RAM, SSD storage and a high end i5 or i7 (the more cores / threads the better). If you plan to get serious on AJ I would definitely consider upgrading to a more powerful computer down the track. For now though, you should be able to get by with simple, non-resource-heavy tracks - there’s a good market for minimalist ambient background tracks at the moment so maybe you could focus there until you can move to a more substantial workstation.

Headphones aren’t too much of a problem for getting started with music creation provided they aren’t ‘colouring’ your sound - ie bass-heavy with exaggerated highs. Early on you should be able to get by with some mid-range headphones, but don’t go for anything with an overly enhanced sound - ideally you’re looking for a ‘flat’ response with a true, un-coloured sound. Down the track though I would recommend acquiring both a good pair of heapdhones and some decent studio monitors. I mix on both studio monitors and my trusty old Audio-Technica ATH-m50x headphones - a great combo!

As for FL Studio, well you’d be fine (provided you’ve paid for it of course!). There are lots of authors on here using FL - myself included :wink: . It’s a very capable DAW, and an excellent choice for creating all types of music.


Thank you very much for your response, AurusAudio. It means a lot that you tried to be as comprehensive as you did. I think I’ll go with simple stuff for now then, as I believe in delivering a quality product to buyers. I think being accepted on AJ is not enough if clients don’t get what they pay for. Thanks again to all you guys for responding as you did, and quickly too. Greatly appreciate all of you!


Should upgrade to a setup that can handle heavier tracks…


You can create some mean music on an iPad if you’re creative enough :wink: Only little investment you should make are some good quality headphones. Just start producing and build from there! you’ll know quick enough if your pc is fast enough for the productions you want to make. If your goal is to create a supercomplex orchestral epic magnum opus though, then maybe choose a setup that’s a little bit more sturdy (and expensive).


Brain is your main instrument ! :sunglasses:


+1 @Tunediver but I’d rather go for a Senheiser HD II :wink:


Hi. As almost everybody said you definitely need to buy studio speakers or studio headphones - IMO they don’t need to be expensive but you have to learn how they sound and it takes some time. If you want to make cinematic music you’ll also need to buy some good sounding VST but it can slow your computer down in some cases. So maybe start with other genre and then invest money from AudioJungle to buy a new stuff:) That’s the way I’m doing this :wink:


Some of the best music in history was written on the most simple equipment.

Write the very best music you can
Stay reasonably within the limits of your equipment
Upload and generate sales
Use the revenue to invest in more gear


Congratulations, you are now Elite! :grinning:


There’s some really cool legit free plug-ins knocking around, you just have to search around for them. You can pimp your computer out with some high quality sounds for free!