Aventura theme updates


Last year in August I have downloaded Aventura theme (from Envato elements) and it has major issues so it needs to be updated but the update is not available. What’s the deal? Why can’t I get updates?

I’ve checked, it’s not available for download on Envato elements anymore. :thinking:


From time to time, authors will release updates to their items to ensure that they are working as described, protected against major security concerns, as well as provide discretionary version updates. To access these updates, simply download your item again to get the most up-to-date version.

For more details

Still do you need help open a elements help ticket they would like to assist you.

Thanks for your reply.
Well, that is the problem. I can’t download it because it has been removed from Envato elements. Is it available somewhere else?

I think support team will help you about this issue.

OK! Thank you very much!