AVAS conflict with ELEMENTOR


I bought AVAS from envato market on August 6.
Installed and worked properly until yesterday.
Yesterday, Sept 10, I upgraded Wordpress to 5.5.1.
got some issues !
when trying to edit a page with Elementor I am forced in “safe mode” and when the page is loaded some features are missed (i.e. flip cards, symbols, etc.)
I then went back to Wordpress 5.4.2 (previous) but the issues are still there.

I am able to edit page with Elementor only if I disable AVAS plugin. but withouth AVAS i do not have full functionalities like originally purchased.

please help !


Contact with your purchase item author @theme-x right here as a comments hope they will helepd!


The buyer created a support ticket on our support portal and our team replied to him already. So please contact directly to our support portal for any theme related issue.


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