Avada's Architecture demo

Hi! Before I buy your theme for my client, I have some questions for you:

  • is it possible to import only Architecture demo when I buy the theme?
  • is it possible to add a right sidebar with text and images on any pages?
  • is there a sitemap widget to add in the footer?
  • is there a CSS code editor on this theme?
  • is there a breadcrumbs widget included in your theme?
  • is there a tab or toggle widget included in the architecture theme?
  • whith the adaptive view firefox plugin, the hamburger mobile menu doesn’t work…
  • is it possible to put the mobile logo and menu in mobile voew on the top of the screen?
  • My client wants many different galleries: is it possible to display many galleries?
  • Gallery: is it possible to put on display: none the first icon (link) on the image? Because my client only wants the zoom view
  • Gallery: is it possible to put on display: none the thumbnails when we are on the lightbox container?
  • is it possible to display caption or description (a different text than the one on the hover effect on the gallery page) under the image when we are in the lightbox container?
    Sorry for all thoses questions, but I really need to know before buying your theme :wink:


You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the Item author by posting comments going through the Item Comments page. Item author will answer your query.

How to contact an author for any technical query: