AVADA WEBSITE, how can I hide some pages to test changes?

I built an Avada Classic website, I need to know, without first deleting the page and all of the work involved to create it, can I hide it in order to make changes to see if I get better results from those changes? 11K views on Google my Business and 0 Calls for business For reference,

want to hide Pricing and Services page and say on other pages, CALL FOR QUOTE instead. Thanks a million.
sissi b

It depends of you want to properly A/B test or just to turn different ones on and off at intervals.

If it’s the first then you will need to configure a test properly (will require plugins etc.). If it’s the later then you could duplicate any page and edit the new version and push it live while putting the old one into draft

If it were my website - I would reduce the logo size which is making the header very deep, add a sticky call to action to quote, that exists throughout the page (might need a plugin) as users scroll