Avada Theme licensing changes

Recently, ThemeFusion changed the licensing terms and registration method for its Avada Wordpress theme. In addition to the final staging server, it restricts theme installation to a single development site that MUST conform to a small handful of domain naming conventions set by ThemeFusion—which in my case broke my development and client review sites. Upgrading to version 7.3.x triggers this requirement.

However, with my purchase I agreed to ThemeForest’s licensing and support terms. That means I should be able to activate the theme in my development environment how I wish, as long as I’m only using the licensed theme in a single end product/site. It also means that I’m entitled to theme updates (at least during the initial support period) without being forced to accept new licensing terms.

I’m asking ThemeForest to enforce the original licensing agreement. My client and I have invested too much time building their site with Avada as the platform. ThemeFusion’s changes are a violation of the trust (not to mention legal agreement) I have with ThemeForest’s services.

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Is there a way to add additional license for an existing domain for a reduced cost? I am also interested to know if this option is available

There’s no bulk discount.

Each domain/project needs its own purchase at full cost

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