Avada Theme Inline <image> tags in Header Tagline

Hi guys,
i have been playing around with this for hours and am not really getting it to work without cheating (create the image already centred in its own background first then importing into theme Tagline)

Before i go on…i am unable to use the actual <> in the code because it damnwell executes so you will just have to accept that i have used <> in the right places. (please dump this feature)

  1. First i add the image (this works no problem

However because the Logo on the left in the avada theme is approx 250 x 250 square, Tagline text is no longer centred in the header (as you can imagine comparing above with logo below)

In… Theme options>Banner Code For Header #4…I would like to add the following inline css styling in an iframe for example, to vertically centre the Tagline (ie bring it down level with the middle of the logo)

style=“vertical-align: middle;”

iframe src=“http://image_URL.png” style=“vertical:align: middle;” width=“200” height=“200”

This doesnt seem to do anything different to the method in 1.

  1. div style=“vertical-align: middle;” iframe src=“http://image_URL.png” width=“200” height=“200”

still doesnt work.

I have got to the point where my head is so full of nonworking methods i cant progress further.

Can someone help with this one?

p.s i have tried to find some inline css styling tutorials (specifically about vertical alignment) for the tag in html 5 without any luck.

damn w3c for depreciating the html vertical alignment method in html5!

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In any case,
for those who will no doubt face a similar issue in the future, i have the answer…and it is a really simple one…

…div id=“header-banner” style="margin-top: 70px;"
img src=“https://googledrive.com/host/…” width=“400” height=“200” /div…