Avada Slow?

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I’m currently experiencing a very long loading time with the avada theme (see screenshot). It’s a completely “fresh” installation were I only deployed WordPress and installed the Avada theme.

What could be the problem? It’s been a while since I’ve experimented with WordPress / Avada, but I can’t recall this being so slow?

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Background information:

  • I have a “mirror” site (same hosting, etc.), without the Theme and it’s running perfectly.
  • I Installed and activated the Avada Core / Fusion Builder and ran the patches, but it didn’t fix the issue.
  • Avada status:

Avada Versions
Current Version: 7.6.1
Previous Version: No previous versions could be detected

WordPress Environment
WP Version: 5.9.1
WP Multisite: –
PHP Memory Limit: 256 MB
WP Debug Mode: –
Language: en_US

Server Environment
Server Info: Apache/2.4.25 (Debian)
PHP Version: 8.0.15
PHP Post Max Size: 128 MB
PHP Time Limit: 30 - We recommend setting max execution time to at least 180.See: Increasing max execution to PHP
PHP Max Input Vars: 1000 - Recommended Value: 1500.Max input vars limitation will truncate POST data such as menus. See: Increasing max input vars limit.
ZipArchive: :heavy_check_mark:
MySQL Version: 5.5.5
Max Upload Size: 128 MB
DOMDocument: :heavy_check_mark:
WP Remote Get: :heavy_check_mark:
WP Remote Post: :heavy_check_mark:
GD Library: 2.2.5

Active Plugins (1)
Avada Core: by ThemeFusion Avada Versions ###
Current Version: 7.6.1
Previous Version: No previous versions could be detected

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Hi @vanderweyden

Something odd is going on on your end, particularly the time it takes for the server to respond. I just tested one of the prebuilt sites on GTmetrix, and the results are much better than what you are experiencing > Screenshot on 2022-03-01 at 18-45-35.png - Droplr

If you would like some support, you can submit a ticket here > Submit A Ticket - ThemeFusion | Avada Website Builder and a member of our team will gladly help. If you can’t submit a ticket for some reason, you can contact us here > Contact Us - ThemeFusion | Avada Website Builder

Thank you kindly


In the hope it may help someone else, here’s the reply that I received :
"To speed up the site loading, I recommend you to follow these instructions:

  1. Reduce initial server response time 27 Easy Ways to Reduce Server Response Time in WordPress
  2. Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN), e.g. Cloudflare.
  3. Properly size images: How to Properly Size Images in WordPress - WebProTime
  4. Eliminate render-blocking resources https://torquemag.io/2020/10/render-blocking-resources-wordpress/
  5. Avoid chaining critical requests How to Avoid Chaining Critical Requests in WordPress - WebProTime

Also refer to this article:

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