Avada - RevSlider - HTTP ERROR 500 error. Can I update plugin?

10th May 2018
RevSlider plugin was causing issues. renamed folder to login & update wordpress. Can I update the theme or plugin purchased for my customer by the original web developer

I recently took over the management of a site created by web developer who used the Avada theme. I re-installed the website (from backup files supplied by web developer)on a new Host Server. After a delay the developer finally supplied login details (today 8th May 2018) to the Wordpress Admin.

The login attempt produced a HTTP ERROR 500 (tried via Opera, Chrome & safari browsers, same result). I contacted the hosting company. The server host assistance informed the system had an issue with the Rev Slider Plugin. As suggested, via FTP access to the Wordpress folders on the server I renamed the Rev Slider folder. Then I was able to login.

In the backend of the site I discovered the theme & plugin were out of date (set up May 2016) & went about updating. I can’t update RevSlider. It no longer works as a result part of the home & about pages are missing. I spoke to the Site Developer he says it was working & nothing else.

The plugin link directs me to https://revolution.themepunch.com/ I couldn’t find specific information on updating the plugin besides bundled plugins are the responsibility of the author.

Is it possible to

  1. for me to update the Revslider plugin?
  2. without losing it’s content?
    3 Would adding an SSL cert fix the issue?[is it a security thing?]
    What do I need to do to achieve this?

On another note
4. Is it possible to temporally unpublish pages [usually I would do this via the Wordpress interface resetting the page or post to draft and saving. This doesn’t work with the Avada theme the pages are still visible. I have not found where to alter the menu items yet.
Thank you
Re website: http://www.holisticwexford.ie/

your topic is too long
try to activate debug mode to see errors :wink:

Thank you