Avada problem

I’ve used Avada happily quite a few time, but the latest one I just purchased today will not upload nor unzip correctly. I’ve tried several times. I keep receiving this message when I try to unzip so I can FTP the files:

The filename or extension is too long. Unable to create directory: …/themeforest-23833266-avada-responsive-multipurpo…(3)\Avada_Full_Package\Avada Theme\Avada\Avada\includes\avadaredux\a…\images.

u should contact the theme support.

If it was me, I’d duplicate the folder, shorten the file name, and then try again. If it doesn’t work, then you can contact the author and you still have the original folder with the original name.

Rename the zip file as “a.zip”, move it to the “drive d:”, the root, right click and exact here.
This should work without any problem