Avada License seems to be installed on another website

I had a another person install Avada on my website on Bluehost, as I was trying to migrate from a previous them to Avada. (Wordpress).

I purchased the Avada license in April. I got a message from Bluehost saying that the Theme didn’t update. I had another person take a look. And I could see that the Avada theme seems to be already installed on another website.

How do I know where else my theme license has been activated? The first company that was helping me to transfer my site from the previous theme to Avada also had a staging site.

How do I solve this problem?


I think they have support website where you can see the domains and they are allowing you to change the domain name if you “own” the purchase code on your own Envato account. If someone has purchased the theme on their account allowed you to install the theme, it’s probably they have the original copy, activated the theme and changed the license. You will need to purchase your own copy.