avada install help

I just purchased avada and followed the install. Once I get to the folder that is supposed to hold the avada.zip it is not in there. I tried to download it again and still not there. What could I be doing wrong?

In your profile downloads click th download button and either select “Installable WordPress File Only” and use this via your WP admin panel


Select “All files and documentation” which will contain the theme folder as well as several other files so make sure you are installing the correct file

I downloaded the file only and also the package. After opening the folder for the file there is no zip file that I see. I also then went into the package one and opened the theme and went through each folder and there is no zip file.

I had downloaded the package earlier and did have a zip file in it, but when I went to upload it on word press it did nothing just set there till timed out.

Any other ideas?

I really appreciate you helping on this issue

The “main files” download will have the theme but it may not be zipped - might just be a folder that could be installed via FTP.

When you clicked “installable Wordpress file only” option what downloaded? This should only be a zip which should be easy to install via WP admin.

when I downloaded the wordpress only file it is not zipped. It just contains a folder and in the folder there is not zip either. there is no install wording either. I downloaded it several times and still no zip.

hi, you can write to Avada support https://theme-fusion.com/support/ or order wordpress theme installation https://studio.envato.com/explore/wordpress-installation

If you are on Mac, .zip file is automatically extracted after being downloaded. So, download the “installable Wordpress file only” and then compress this avada folder to create .zip file which you should be able to install via admin.