Avada and WooCommerce



I recently bought the Avada theme, and it is looking great. There is one thing that I am trying to get resolved asap with WooCommerce, and I would really appreciate your help and assistance:

Basically, what I am trying to do is create a nice looking table in a page that I will call “Services Offered”, and in that table, I will probably have three columns (Services, Price, Buy). In the buy column, I would like to be able to add an “Add to Cart” button that will connect directly to the WooCommerce Cart. So people will be able to add whatever they want to their cart, and then pay in the “Checkout” of the WooCommerce.

Can you please help me do this, or tell me what plugins or codes I need to integrate, in order for this to work?

Thank you!



Hey there Jeremy!

I’m Mel, Avada’s support staff and would like to invite you to our dedicated forum.

You’re posting in a general public forum of the marketplace you bought Avada from, which is not the best way to seek support, so feel free to head over and meet me on http://theme-fusion.com/ :slight_smile:

We’ve had quite some users on WooCommerce and Avada, I’m sure you can find helpful info when using the forum search. Feel free to also open a thread regarding your question.

See you!

All the best,