Automotive warranty cost product calculator woocommerce

I am looking for either an existing extension for woocommerce or a reliable developer to help create one with me.

The basics:

  • I want to have it calculate through multiple selections for a set of products that are car warranties: New or Used, Make, Model/Class (defined by car manufacturer 4 classes in this case, car model is related to this as well), Current Mileage Range(for used cars, Length of Warranty in months or years with associated mileage max amount example 3year/36,000 miles for instance, Deductible with amount or No Deductible, must have selections and inputs for many terms and conditions.

I am probably missing some items but that is the basics

thank you
NEB Creative

@nebcreative Thanks for sharing your idea. I have been working on WooCommerce for some 4-5 years and as far as my knowledge goes, I haven’t found a plugin which can deliver your requirements but yes WooCommerce provides ample opportunities of creating a custom extension and guess what, I would love to be part of this idea. I believe a one-to-one discussion might help us to understand the flow and thereby define the functional flow of the plugin.

Please drop an email at and we can continue the discussion on this one.

Team Dualcube

Hello I am a beeginer in wordpress,so I want to develop a website for car dealers that converts visitors to customers so I buy the Listing automotive and Frontend Submission. I have 2 problem ,First I need to link the make with modele the second problem I can not join user with his ad Please,any one can help me