Automotive Theme

Is there a dedicated forum for Automotive Theme questions or should I ask a question here? (I’m still rather new at this so please pardon if I’m totally in the wrong place)


You can ask your pre-purchase query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through theme Comments page. theme author will answer you.


Thanks, but just to be clear, my query is not ‘pre-purchase’, as I’ve already bought the Automotive Theme.

Assuming this is the theme, then item comments are here but also the support forum is here.

Yes, that is the Theme. Thanks, this helps get me in the right direction. It is a little daunting with all the different but related entities (ThemeForest, ThemeSuite, Envato, there’s probably more) trying to figure out where/how to get support. I thought there just might be a forum somewhere, where others using the same theme helped back and forth.

All ‘support’ (you get 6 months with the purchase) is best coming from the author which is this link

I would be very cautious of taking third-party/other user advice - if it’s wrong and makes matters worse then the author may not be able or obligated to fix it

I appreciate that, but support in my case ran out something like 5 years ago. I typically only need answers to neophyte questions such as, “Why is it that on the Inventory page, clicking on a thumbnail does not take you to the car’s page? One must click anywhere but the thumbnail …” Stuff that makes me pull my hair out since I’m not a coder or programmer, just a small business owner doing the best he can.