Automatically start Lightbox Evolution per WordPress on home page

Hello all. I wanted to ask how you can do to use “Lightbox for WordPress Evolution” to load a page. HTML or PHP when someone comes to my site?
I tried with this.
but not working.:

How to automatically start Lightbox on page load?

Add the code below in the footer.php of your theme just before tag:

this script gives me upload an image but not a page. :frowning:

Have you considered changing image.png to page URL like index.php

yes, it does not work!


How to automatically start Lightbox on page load?
Simply add the following code:

I read it but it does not work.
I wish you enforceability alone when loading a page.
I have tried in many ways. But that’s okay.
I did some research on google but almost nobody is talking about this thing.

sorry if my English sucks, is that I use the google translator to write to you.

I speak Italian.

I found the script to work but who say they are not those of “Evolution Canyon lightbox”.
if anyone knows how this code, please let me know.
Thank you. :slight_smile:

[NOTE: With Loghtbox Evolution 1.7]
Hey jolunvi, I has trying to do the same thing with a youtube video and it turns out you dont need to “http://”. some how it wont load so I used this:


and it seem to work. Also if you are going to load a html or php that is locally stored you need to add the paramaters like:


grazie mille :slight_smile: