automatically setting prices is it real or bug?

Prices automatically change by resolution with my latest uploaded videos despite I ve set up prices when uploading. All 4K videos set to $25 and 1920 videos set to $8, I wonder, why we set up prices if it will change itself? or is it a temporal bug? I wish so…

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I have the same issue for the last uploads - price has been set by the reviewer because “I didn’t entered the price myself”. But I am sure I did it and saved before upload. Seems its a bug.

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Yes, happened to my item too. The price changes itself into default minimum.

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You need to change your icon, you can’t use Envato designs in your forum image, marketplace thumbnail, any of your promo items etc.

Yeah, same trouble. all new 4k motion graphics after review is now set $25, but my price was $19.
New uploader for mg is buggy as hell and real disaster. Old one was a little bit outdated but it was working properly and doing job fine.
I wonder why everyone does not massively say NO! to these disapointing changes.

I also wanted to share my experience on this. My goal was to make some less expensive animated background packages for clients who dispose of lower budgets. But as the files got approved prices were artificially boosted. I just can go back and manually and lower to the amount I initially wanted but I wanted to know if it’s normal or not, because if it is, I am not ok with this. I don’t see the point of giving authors input for price if in the end it’s not even taken into account.

I must say that the state of the new uploader has improved a lot since it was implemented but there is still few hiccups here and there. So keep up the good work and don’t despair everyone :slight_smile: