Automatic user-based page or site generator

I’m looking for a WordPress (or other CMS) solution for wedding services with indispensable features:

A site that generates user-based content.

The site should allow users to automatically generate their own custom wedding pages or websites.
The groom visits
Then the groom informs his name and the name of his bride.
Suppose the groom’s name is Jonh and the bride’s name is Kate. will automatically build a wedding page that can be accessed as:
or a jonhandkate.weddingsambple website
The grooms page must have a panel with permission to:

  • page customization
  • the bride and groom complement the marriage information
  • gifts list
  • Photos
  • etc …

Can anyone direct me to a theme or solution (WordPress or other CMS) that meets these criteria described above?

Can you help me?

Thanks for listening.

I await your response!



You won’t find there here as licenses prevent the use of envato items for ‘on demand’ products

If you have a sensible budget, then you can probably find someone at to custom build something

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